Advertising and Sponsorship

PickleballTournaments.com is one of the most visited websites in Pickleball. With over 62 million page views annually and more than 120 thousand households who communicate with regularly, PickleballTournaments.com represents a unique opportunity for advertisers and sponsors to reach the most dedicated pickleball players.

PickleballTournaments.com provides unique opportunities for sponsors looking to:

  • Target active adults
  • Reach both male and female demographics
  • Attach their brand to the sport of pickleball
  • Build brand awareness in the fastest growing sport

Advertising Opportunities

Email Marketing

  • Targeted marketing based on demographics, location, or both
  • Monthly Player Newsletter
  • Quarterly Tournament Newsletter

Website Advertising

  • 62 million+ page views annually

PT Perks Tournament Sponsorship Program

  • Get product or branded swag items in the hands of players

Email & Social Media “Enter to Win” Campaigns

  • Attach your brand to the pickleball space by participating in tournament travel package giveaways

World Pickleball Rankings for Professional Players

  • Title Sponsor
  • Powered by Sponsor
  • Sportsmanship Award

Award presentations at the USA Pickleball National Championships at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden.

Advertising and Sponsorship Client Testimonials

  • Ivan Baron, APP World Pickleball Open

    Marketing the World Pickleball Open via PickleballTournaments.com was very beneficial to the growth in participation numbers at our 2nd annual event. The PT staff were professional, the process was simple and efficient, and we look forward to using their services next year!

  • Michael Manglardi, Diadem Sports VP of Operations

    The team over at Diadem was very pleased with the overall marketing experience with Pickleball Tournaments. We worked together during our Warrior paddle launch to introduce key features and technical specs through an email newsletter. Not only was the content presented in an informed and professional manner, but we experienced a significant increase in web traffic, engagement, and customer conversions.

  • Wayne Purcell, AIRFeet CEO

    Over the past year I had been presented with numerous offers from pickleball magazines and marketing groups all telling me what great things they could do for AIRfeet. After several discussions with PickleballTournaments.com, and reducing my level of skepticism, I decided to accept an advertising offer.

    I never have high hopes for advertising so I figured we may hopefully make enough sales to break even. The success was so far beyond my expectations!

    The result was a multifold ROI and many becoming aware of the AIRfeet brand.

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Contact Tyler@pickleballtournaments.com for more information on how we can assist you in reaching the pickleball community.