Description of Services and Fees

PickleballTournaments.com is the gold standard for pickleball tournament software and services. For over ten years, we have been the engine driving thousands of successful pickleball tournaments, from small round robins to the largest tournaments in the world.

Our fully featured software provides a comprehensive set of tools to enable a tournament director to:

In addition, to the tournament software, we provide a full range of services to support our tournament directors in providing the best tournament experience possible. These services include:

Marketing Support

We can assist you in promoting your tournament to maximize the number of players entered. This includes:

Key Staffing Assistance

Our PT Pro Team has the experience of helping run hundreds of pickleball tournaments and can assist your tournament where you need it:

Initial Tournament Consulting

We can help a first-time tournament director plan for all of the key components of organizing and delivering a successful tournament. Facilities, capacity, sanctioning, volunteers, referee requirement and management, and amenities are all areas we can provide direction and resources.

Registration Support

Handle all, the day-to-day, issues and inquiries during registration, from players. This might include assistance to first time registrants, wait list management, partner management, seeding, bracket management, fee collection and management, refunds and more.

Tournament Desk Operations

Handle all the on-site operations of actual tournament play. We can put one, or more, experienced operators, from the PT.com Pro Team, on-site, throughout your tournament, to assure it operates smoothly.

Player Amenities and Tournament Balls

These are just some of the items we can help pickelballtournaments.com TDs secure. From, the famous, PBC orange bags to balls, for tournament play. We have provided TDs with thousands of amenities to enhance their tournaments. Only available for tournaments running on pickleballtournaments.com.

Resource Referrals

These are available, for products and services, such as Referee Recruiters/Managers, videotaping, livestreaming, medals, court equipment, and more. Let us know how we can help you put on a great pickleball tournament.


Player Service Fee – Applied to all tournaments publicly listed on PickleballTournaments.com after to January 9th, 2023

In consideration for use of the PickleballTournaments.com Service, tournament operators agree to collect the following Player Service Fee as part of each player’s tournament registration and remit payment to PT at the close of registration:

Software Usage Fee – Discontinued except for tournaments publicly listed on PickleballTournaments.com prior to January 9th, 2023

Text Messaging Fee

A player text messaging fee is charged to tournaments who wish to use this feature when operating their tournament. If the text messaging capability is turned on and used at any time outside of the tournament start and end date, you will be charged $1.00 per registered player. If the text messaging capability is turned on and used only between tournament start and end date, you will be charged $0.25 per registered player.

Service Fee Notes

All fees are nonrefundable and are due upon receipt of invoice.

PT Pro Tournament and Registration Professional Services

The PT Pro team provides an extensive set of services to assist tournament operators, facilities and venues in the setup, registration and execution of a tournament or series of tournaments. If you are interested in learning more about these services and their associated fees, please reach out to info@pickleballtournaments.com.

Featured Tournament Listing

Tournaments may elect to feature their tournaments in the Featured Tournaments listing category.

$100 per tournament

List your Tournament

If you are not running your tournament on pickleballtouraments.com but would like to list it, in the future tournaments listing and the tournaments calendar, you may purchase a listing:

$500 per tournament

Note: Certain restrictions apply:

  1. Only one tournament detailed per listing.
  2. Tournaments utilizing a competitor of pickleballtournaments.com are not allowed.

External Tournament Imports

Tournaments not run on pickleballtournaments.com can have their results manually imported into the UTPR ratings calculations. Note that imported tournaments must stipulate that the tournament was run according to IPF tournament rules.

Tournament results must be submitted within 14 days, of the last day, of the tournament.

$100 per tournament

Contact us

If you have needs, for your tournament, that are not covered in our description of services, or have general questions, please contact us at info@pickleballtournaments.com. We love this game and want to do all we can to help fellow pickleball lovers, fanatics, and addicts with their pickleball tournament needs!

If you would like to explore how our marketing services might assist your tournament, please contact Tyler Allen at tyler@pickleballtournaments.com.